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Granulated Wax (Beads) For Candlemaking 500G – RED


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Granulated wax is wax that has been made into little beads that are about the size of sand. The product comes in a variety of colors. The fact that makes this so easy is that the wax does not have to be melted. It can be easily poured into any container that is “candle safe.” Anyone who has seen “Sand Art” would recognize the concept, except that after you’re done, you’ll have a candle to burn. It can be used with gel wax or on its own to make multi-colored candles. This is a craft that can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.

How to use?

To get started, pick a few colors and use a spoon or other dispensing utensil to gently pour the beads into the glass container. You can stack different colors in the glass to achieve the required height. Take a long, narrow pointer, such as a knitting needle, and move it along the side of the glass container for ultimate effects like waves. This will cause the wax to “wave.” 

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