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Microfluer Regular Press #572818


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Are you tired of waiting weeks for your flowers to
dry in a book or traditional flower press? Are you
tired of find that, after those weeks are up, your
flowers have turned dull or brown but you can’t
try again because the flowers have finished

With exceptional color retention, taking
only minutes to press flowers, the Microfleur
microwave flower presses make it possible
for you to pick your flowers, press them and use
them for a project all in the same day. Or the
pressed, dried flowers can also be stored for
another day. If after pressing your flowers you
still need more, you can pick and press them too
because it’s fast and the flowers are still

The Microfleur Max 9″ (23 cm) microwave flower
press is Microfleur’s most wanted press with 81
square inches of pressing space.

‘ Our patented design gives you everything
you need to press flowers, foliage, plants,
and leaves in a short amount of time.

Fast & easy to use.
Flowers can be used the same day and
color retention is exceptional, compared
with traditional pressing methods.
The liners are washable and the pads will
last for hundreds of cycles.

Pressing is done in very short intervals
spaced with short resting periods.
Commonly used by oshibana and other
artists, as well as by botanists.
The pressed flowers can then be used for
greeting cards, scrapbooking, wedding and
other invitations, menus, bookmarks or
applied to candles and soap, art and
decoupage projects.

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