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Our Story carries craft supplies for a variety of hobbies and craft projects.  We are constantly expanding our selection especially for you.’s Skin Apothecary is born out of the belief that we need to take charge of what goes on our skin. Since skin is the biggest organ of the human body, what goes on our skin, most likely gets into our skin. DECIDE for yourself what you choose to put on your beautiful precious skin, don’t let others dictate that for you. And when you make your own, make it responsibly (of course!). We spend the time and take the effort to continuously learn, create and share recipes and formulas with fellow discerning DIYers like yourself.

From making-your-own soaps, shampoos, lotions to candles and perfumes; we carry a continuously expanding variety of products and ingredients that fit any budget, for you in your passion for creating your very own bespoke personal care goodness.

Crafting your own things and making it your very own is very much ‘chicken soup for the soul’.  There is a sense of gratification, and pride, in seeing your little DIY creations.

Browse, select, discover and shop, all from the comfort of your home. Check it out and start shopping today.

Our physical store is under way. Happy Crafting!

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